5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

Aside from functionality, the most crucial thing to consider while looking for kitchen remodeling ideas is that your investment lasts. Every epoch seems to have its own set of culinary dos and don’ts, many of which don’t last a decade.

That is a huge waste of your money, not to mention a disappointment. So, how can you invest in a kitchen that will look as good years from now as it did the day it was built? Choose traditional simplicity over fads, no matter how trendy they may be right now.

Here are some pointers for achieving a kitchen renovation that will last:

#1: Emphasize white appliances.

Stainless steel has been popular for a long time and is still used in professional kitchens. It’s possible to claim that stainless steel will never go out of style, and it’s certainly simple to keep looking good. However, this has not been the case in history.

White is the hue that has truly lasted the test of time, and this is by far the case. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Survey, white is the most favored kitchen color. Every other year, it has topped the list.

This is actually good news for homeowners. Because stainless appliances are significantly more expensive than white appliances, you can afford a finer range and refrigerator in this ultra-classic color than in stainless.

#2: When it comes to flooring, consider long-term wear.

Vinyl has been around for a long time, and there are some lovely possibilities. But vinyl has a certain lifespan, and it’s not a particularly lengthy one. Consider long-term wear as well as attractiveness, and you’ll be happier.

Wood is a timeless material that is comfier underfoot than the other rival, tile. Even after years of use, it may be stained and refinished and still look lovely. If you chip a tile, you must replace it.

Wood is also recommended by MSN Lifestyle for its sense of history, even when new. It has the ability to anchor the room in a manner that few other materials can.

#3: Avoid using granite countertops.

Granite, like stainless steel, is clearly having a moment. Consider the aesthetic attributes of granite, and you’ll realize how easily this expensive, albeit attractive, material may become old. Marble may be a better, more timeless option.

The majority of granite has distinct hues and patterns. But will you still want to live with them after 15 years? Perhaps, but perhaps not. And it’s a costly gamble.

Consider Carrara marble for a classic countertop. This stone is not like Calacatta marble, which has vibrant whites and dramatic gray veining. Carrara marble offers gentler whites and milder grays, avoiding the dramatic fashion statement effect. It is both ageless and less expensive than granite. It stains, but so does granite, and sealants prevent this.

#4: Storage, storage, and more storage

Shaker-style cabinets are popular because their basic, clean lines complement decor themes ranging from minimalist modern to warm rustic. They’re a good bet for practically any home. But storage is more crucial than style.

From open shelves and freestanding cabinetry to classic built-ins, decorating publications and websites are brimming with creative ways to furnish your kitchen. Built-ins with lots of useful storage should win out.

Instead of old-fashioned boxy cabinets with nothing but hollows and shelves within, look for innovative storage options like pull-out organizers that make the most of every inch of space. If the cupboards are accessible without it, you don’t need a lazy Susan in the corner.

#5: Pay attention to the finer points.

Regardless of what you buy, always prioritize quality over appearance. The details are what make any kitchen appear lovely years down the road.

Examine the faucet seams and the wood joinery on your cabinets. Are they flawless, or can you identify flaws? Perfection is attainable in each, which you’ll enjoy as you utilize these fixtures on a daily basis. There is the possibility of separation where there is a flaw.

It’s tempting to select a fixture that is aesthetically pleasing yet poorly constructed. Unfortunately, those decisions do not always last. Spend a little more to obtain quality where it matters.

A kitchen redesign is one of the most expensive projects you can undertake, but according to This Old House, it is one of the best in terms of return on investment. You can significantly increase the value of your property and your quality of life by thinking timeless rather than contemporary.

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