Benefits Reclaimed Wood Can Bring to Your Design

Benefits Reclaimed Wood Can Bring to Your Design

In order to repurpose and reuse resources, one of the most important aspects of sustainable design is the utilization of salvaged wood. Having said that, there are many other benefits that reclaimed wood may offer to your home.

Utilizing recycled wood is an interesting idea that may impart a sense of personality, charm, warmth, and texture to a space. Wood that has been exposed to the elements, such as boards and beams from an earlier time period, can lend a feeling of antiquity to modern buildings and interiors. Planks installed on the ceiling of a kitchen or home can lend it an air of European enchantment and coziness.

Where to Place It

One’s creativity is the only thing that limits the variety of applications for reclaimed wood. The following are some instances of how you can utilize salvaged wood, as well as some of the ways that we’ve used it.

  • The bedroom can be given an atmosphere by using a headboard made of wood.
  • The mantel can be constructed out of beams if desired.
  • countertops in either the kitchen or the bathroom
  • Island lateral areas
  • Walls
  • Hardwood floors
  • Tables Floorboards Ceiling

Where to Look for It

One of the first places that springs to mind as a supply of timber is old barns. These boards can also originate from previously-existing homes, hotels, or even factories that have been demolished. If you own an older home, there’s a good chance that you already have some gorgeous wood hidden behind the drywall or on the floor of the attic.

Another source is the boards that are uncovered when a roof is removed to make room for an additional storey. A gold mine, or more accurately a “wood” mine, may be discovered during the process of converting an attic into a second story.

We also have a great source for the recycled wood that our Millwork Shop uses, so if you’re interested in making use of this material, give us a call and let us know how we can assist you.

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